/!\ Warning: About Me!

I’m going to tackle the ‘About me’ page a little differently so I can give you; the reader a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into; a self orchestrated interview. Bare with me please!

  1. What is your value to your readers?
    For starters, I’ve always been a hardcore animation nerd. As much as this blog won’t just be about the animation aspect of the shows and movie I review; it’ll be the driving force. I can give them(you) a different perspective on techniques and technology used to create the shows/movies we all love. I hope the hard work I put into capturing screenshots of the sequences that gravitate me towards a scene, resonate with my viewers.
  2. Who is this blog intended for?
    If you love cartoons, anime, or animation in general; you’ve come to the right place. My blog is intended to share my passion for the hard work studios put in creating our favorite shows and movies. Of course I’d love anyone who’s anyone to come visit my blog but the target audience are those who love animation as a whole.
  3. How would my ideal writer write?
    NegativePrimes is a blogger on WordPress that cracks me up when I read his/her stuff. I’m not very good at expressing sarcasm because I simply don’t fully understand the concept but I appreciate those who are able to execute it in a wholesome way.
    “Normal high school student runs because he’s late. No, really, he says “I’m a normal high school student.” Cliche is now canon, my friends. And he’s got these weird animal-ear-like things on his head, which is creepy b/c he also clearly has human ears. Or maybe it’s some sort of radar?” Check out the referenced post here: https://curiouslydeadcat.com/2018/05/22/a-saunter-through-weekly-shonen-jump-may-21st-2018/
  4. Why should someone read your blog? What will they get out of your posts?
    Hopefully a different perspective on animation; or the satisfaction of knowing there’s someone else out there with their shared passion. I try to give my honest opinions on my reviews and I do a lot of research on the animation before I publish my reviews. When I break down a show or movie, I want to be able to reference the creators that helped… Well make the show or movie. Another hope from that is my viewers come away feeling more educated on something they either didn’t or did already know about.
  5. What kind of posts do you write? What will the readers get out of your posts?
    My posts have heavy amounts of spoilers in them. I go through a show/movie and then go back to screenshot scenes I feel like helped carry the story forward; or help me make a point in my reviews. If they(you’re) the type of reader that either has already seen the topic of review and wants to see how someone else perceived it in detail; this blog is for you(them). If they(you’re) the type of reader who has never seen something before and wants a good idea of what you(they’re) getting themselves into; this is the blog for them(you).
  6. Why does your blog have credibility?
    I think my passion for animation gives me credit. I used to sit in front of my TV as a kid and draw the cartoons; not from a how to book but from the screen! I’ve always appreciated what these studios and artists do to the point I want to share their journey with the public. If I don’t know something I’ll research it before discussing it, so none of my information or opinions are given without knowledge to back them up. I won’t ever share with my viewers something I don’t feel passionate about.
  7. What is your personal bio as it relates to your blog?
    I grew up in an environment that didn’t facilitate my voice or really my passion for art; my parents wanted me to become passionate about more practical things. I spent a lot of my life trying to appease both sides of that scale but now that I’m in my mid 20’s and growing up in an age where possibilities are truly endless; I’m starting a blog where I have rights over my voice and how I present my love for art.
  8. Name some relatable facts about yourself.
    One fact would be I geek out over concept art; it’s one of my favorite things. I’m using this platform to learn to animate myself. I’ve never used the digital medium to create my artworks before. Food Wars! is my favorite anime, mainly because J.C. Staff does a bombastic job animating food being cooked. I’m a grade A foodie.

If you share a passion for art, anime, animation, or cartoons; please subscribe to my blog. I won’t disappoint you with my witty and dad like humor. My regular posting schedule is Wednesdays and Sundays; new subs and commenters will be given shoutouts through this blog. Please don’t hesitate to give some criticism and please don’t be afraid to ask me questions I haven’t answered here :). Enjoy your visit; love always, Miki <3.

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