What. Are. Those????!!!!

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I cheated with this one… Once I finished it I immediately went to look at the reviews; this movie was not received well by the public. Truthfully, I get why a lot people didn’t like batman ninja; the plot was terrible, the words didn’t match the characters mouth, and they used 3D animation… I don’t know about you, but RWBY is the raining champ and always will be at the rate animators are going with the 3D anime.

Batman ninja wasn’t a bad movie, in fact I enjoyed all of it’s flaws along with everything they did right. I found myself screaming in joy at the fight scenes and playful anime references all throughout. The most epic sequence that blew my freaking mind was the mecha genre references…

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Poison ivy, Penguin, Two face, and the Joker ruled their own dynasties; had their own imperial palaces… These things morphed into giant robots before the 1100’s in Japan!!!!! Gorilla Grodd; he had made a time machine that brought batman, his friends, and foes to early Japan; created a high tech mind control machine that used shogi pieces to activate it! It gets even better; Joker comes back from hypnotizing himself and messes Grodds plan completely up; he ends up being the one to activate the mind control. This machine took over the minds of the four imperial palaces (Grodd also had a palace) and calls them all to unite as one giant mega robot! Next we see Grodd handing Ninja Batman his flute that controls his monkey minions; Bats gives the flute to Robin and his little monkey friend to call upon the right monkeys for the job. By the millions; monkeys pour in to overpower the Joker mecha (yes! I said Joker mecha!); unfortunately the mecha was too powerful and the poor monkeys were being flung off. Robin and his friend play the flute again to bring the monkey minions together, creating another mecha that helped Bats and his friends stand on a more level playing field with the Joker. Joker pulls out a flame thrower to burn Batman and the monkeys; he almost beats the monkey mecha but Batman has more friends Joker didn’t see coming. A league of Ninja Batman followers bring a swarm of bats with them to the rescue. What do these bats do?? They morph together on top of the monkeys to create a Batman mecha! I was so giddy the entire time I’m watching this nothing else could capture my attention; it was definitely one of the best things I’ve seen so far this year.

Warning: All of these slideshows contain spoilers from the movie

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Please… Ignore the choppiness, plot holes, and make sure you watch it subbed; give Batman Ninja a shot.

Ninja Batman: Ninja Batman S.H.Figuarts Figure

Ninja Batman: The Joker S.H.Figuarts Figure

Batman Ninja Fidget Spinner

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