Off to the Races!!

Hi, I’m Miki. Nice to meet you lovely people out there that share my passion for animation. I’m fairly new to sharing my opinions publicly about movies or TV shows so please “bear” with me.

 How freaking cool is that? Over the years animation has grown and expanded, we’re able to create 3-D animation so real one can forget they’re in a fantasy… If that’s not like Willy Wonka’s goal for a world of pure imagination, I don’t know what is.

Thank you to any subcribers, future readers. I hope I do the pieces I review justice and satisfy you with my can of charms. Please feel free to suggest shows for me to watch, and I can review them here with a shout out.

“I feel those who only recognize one “right” way will never go beyond and reach truly amazing things.”  -Yukihira, Souma

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